Ontario's Liberal government used its majority to get its throne speech approved Thursday.

The Liberals outvoted the Progressive Conservatives and New Democrats 57-40 to approve their legislative plan.

With the throne speech accepted, the way is now clear for the Liberals to re-introduce the provincial budget Monday.

Premier Kathleen Wynne says the budget will be identical to the one presented May 1, which triggered the June 12 election after both opposition parties said they wouldn't support it.

Meanwhile, the government continues to battle with the opposition parties over the makeup of committees.

The Tories and NDP say the government should get only five seats on each committee while the Liberals are demanding six. 

Over much of the past three years, while the Liberals were a minority government,  the combined opposition parties had control of the committees. But that all changed last month when they were returned with a majority.

With files from The Canadian Press