A hacker and apparent bully appears to have struck the website for the Ontario provincial government, which on Friday night turned black and for about two hours was playing the video for the old M.C. Hammer song U Can't Touch This

Text across the top of the screen, in capital letters, appeared to take credit for the attack on ontario.ca — with a full name, a photo of a young boy and a link to a Twitter account. 

But the boy in the photo has told CBC News he is not the culprit. He claims the person behind the attack has been bullying him for some time. 

CBC News is not identifying the boy, who is 15. He said the photo that appeared on the site is from when he was eight years old. 

The Twitter account is also his, he told CBC, though it does not identify him by name. He tweeted a denial of his involvement shortly after the site was hijacked. 

"I didnt hack whatever you thought i hacked," he wrote. 

The ontario.ca site was back to normal by a little after 10 p.m. ET.

No data affected, government says 

The hacked version of the site appears to have been visible only to those who typed the ontario.ca address directly into their browser. Users who went to the site through a search engine such as Google got a warning that the site may have been compromised.  

The government said in a statement the attack hit a third-party domain routing service that sends traffic to the site. 

The government's own systems were not affected and "no personal information or any government data was compromised," said the statement.