The city should create a website where people can track the number of potholes across Toronto and find out if they are being repaired, says a Scarborough councillor.

Coun. Paul Ainslie, a member of Mayor Rob Ford's executive committee, already has a name for the site: "The Daily Pothole."

It would include:

  • A weekly pothole repair counter.
  • A roundup of how the city is progressing on repairing potholes.
  • A count of how many repairs have yet to be done.
  • The costs associated with repairing potholes.
  • Locations where potholes have been reported.

Ainslie made the recommendations in a letter to council's public works and infrastructure committee, which will meet next week. The committee will discuss if it will proceed with Ainslie's initiative.

Ainslie also said in his letter that "it would also be useful if the website included the geographic locations to deter motorists from using certain routes in anticipation of lane disruptions."

The city last year spent $4.4 million to fix 179,462 potholes. That's down from $6.3 million spent in 2009 to fix 253,409 potholes.