Rob Ford is not the only Toronto mayoral candidate who can attract international attention. Olivia Chow, the former Trinity-Spadina MP and now Ford rival in the mayoral race, is shaming the mayor for his crack use in the foreign press.

She was quoted on Tuesday in the South China Morning Post, an English language daily servicing the special administrative region of Hong Kong. In that paper, she urged any Torontonian in Hong Kong to vote in the municipal election, specifically against Ford. The headline with her picture declared, "Rob Ford rival urges voters in Hong Kong to oust him."

Chow said that anyone from Toronto in Hong Kong "shares the shame" of having Ford as mayor. The newspaper writes that "a conservative estimate of the number of Torontonians in Hong Kong would reach more than 100,000."

Chow was born in Hong Kong and is fluent in Cantonese.

"Our mayoral race is making news in Hong Kong. If you’d told me I’d do this when I was 15, I’d have said 有無攪錯," Chow wrote on Facebook, using a Chinese saying that means "are you nuts?"

On Thursday, Chow is booked to do an interview with the BBC in Washington. 


  • A previous version of this story incorrectly said that Olivia Chow is fluent in Mandarin. In fact, she speaks English and Cantonese.
    Apr 02, 2014 7:22 PM ET