Some Occupy Toronto protesters are setting up camp in Queen's Park.

Parts of northbound University Avenue were blocked Saturday evening as Occupy Toronto protesters made their way to the Ontario legislature.

The protesters said they are relocating from St. James Park — where demonstrators have been residing — because Queen's Park has more political clout.


Some Occupy Toronto protesters began leaving St. James Park and setting up camp in Queen's Park Saturday. (Colin Perkel/Canadian Press)

Protester John Erb said they will make their presence a reminder for politicians at Queen's Park.

"We decided to have a parade march up here and take this park so that every day we can remind the MPPs that we're here and we aren't going anywhere," Erb said.

Erb added that space is becoming an issue at St. James Park, east of downtown near Church Street and King Street.

"We decided that we have definitely outgrown St. James Park. We have far too many people there, it's too popular. We have tourists coming in all the time and we need more space," he said.

The majority of protesters said they will remain in St. James Park for the time being but are discussing whether they will all decide to relocate at some point.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford said Wednesday that it was time for the protesters to "move on."