Demonstrators gathered in Toronto's financial district to protest corporate greed have decided to occupy a park in the city's downtown.

The fast-growing crowd of "Occupy Toronto" demonstrators had assembled along Bay Street near the headquarters of a number of the country's major banks and the Toronto Stock Exchange.

They plan to march toward the nearby St. James Park, which features well-manicured gardens outside St. James Cathedral.

The decision was made after the hundreds gathered held a general assembly -- a meeting where speakers' messages were distributed through the crowd via a human-relay system.

The Toronto occupation is one of several Canadian protests planned from St. John's to Victoria which have been inspired by the nearly month-long Occupy Wall Street movement.

Demonstrators are expressing their disenchantment with governments, which they say defend the interests of the elite and not those of the masses — what's called the 99 per cent.

The demonstrators in Toronto are a mixed bag of students, stay-at-home moms, union representatives and seniors, all chanting "we are the 99 per cent."


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The range of signs raised by those in the crowd demonstrate the multitude of demands being brought forward under the umbrella of the protests.

Some are holding placards calling for a better safeguarding of the environment, others are waving signs asking countries to put their people first, and still more are demanding better access for the disabled.

But all were expressing their abhorrence of what they call the greed of the vastly wealthy one per cent of the population.