Toronto councillor and Twitter star Norm Kelly showed off some pretty nifty dance moves Wednesday morning in a tribute to rapper Drake's Hotline Bling video. 

Kelly — whose Twitter prowess is now legendary — got inside the coloured cube featured in Drizzy's viral video to shake and shimmy beside the Toronto Raptors' mascot. 

"I thought [the video] was outside of the context of most rap videos," he said. "A lot of performers imitate what's already there and he's a true artist in that he's willing to do things that are new and original and different."

The Hotline Bling cube is part of a promotion for Drake Night at the Air Canada Centre, where the Raptors will face the Cleveland Cavaliers tonight.

Drake Night is a tribute to the top selling Toronto hip hop artist who also serves as the team's global ambassador. 

The Hotline Bling box is set up inside the ACC's Galleria just outside Gate One, giving fans a chance to do their best impression of Drake, or @norm, until 7:30 p.m.

When the relatively low-key music video for Hotline Bling was released last month, it instantly caused a sensation, sparking the creation countless GIFS and an online meme featuring his exaggerated dance moves. (This one might be the best):