No sign Ianiero murder suspect still being sought

It was eight years ago this week that family members discovered Nancy and Domenic Ianiero dead inside their hotel room in the Barcelo Maya Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico. The Canadian couple's brutal murder remains unsolved.

Stalled investigation into Canadian couple's slaying at Mexican resort in 2006

There is no indication that Mexican authorities are looking for a suspect in the murder of a Toronto couple eight years ago, John Lancaster reports 3:56

It was eight years ago this week that family members discovered Nancy and Domenic Ianiero murdered inside their hotel room in the Barcelo Maya Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico. No one has been arrested in the slaying of the Toronto-area couple.

Mexican police identified Blas Delgado, a resort security guard, as their prime suspect. But there was not even a photograph to aid in the search for Delgado. 

Now CBC News has obtained a previously unknown photograph of Delgado  — a grainy head shot. But there is no indication Mexican authorities are still looking for Delgado or pursuing any other leads in the case. 

Mexican police identified Blas Delgado, a resort security guard, as their prime suspect. This is the only picture of him seen by the public.

Former Toronto police officer Chris Downer was hired by the Ianiero family to investigate the murders. He says the evidence points to Delgado. "He met the Ianieros the day before [the murders] and spent quite a bit of time with Domenic and Nancy. Later on that night he came back, back to their room for some unknown reason, and knocked on their door very early in the morning," said Downer.

"The following day he booked off work but was seen on the property, which was against the regulations of the hotel. He's in a black outfit, black tuque, black pants. He's recognized by one of the employees. He's not seen after that, but I managed to speak to someone who said he [Delgado] actually confessed and actually did commit the murders."

CBC News has spent months investigating the Ianieros' killings, in Canada and in Mexico. There, a former hotel employee said there was talk that Delgado had made plans to flee the country with the assistance of someone who helps Mexicans cross the border into the United States illegally. 

But he likely never made it that far, and is believed to be still in Mexico.

Delgado's brother is a Mexican police officer. CBC News reached him for comment. "You are not the courts, you have no authority to investigate," he said in Spanish.

CBC uncovered information that shows the police officer has been in regular contact with Delgado's wife.

A former government employee told CBC that Delgado is a feared man, and is now likely a member of a Mexican drug cartel.

Flawed investigation

It appears the murder investigation was botched from the beginning. 

Hotel maids began cleaning the crime scene before police had even arrived. At one point, police accused two Canadian tourists of the murder. Then investigators suggested the Ianieros' son Anthony was a person of interest. He was in Canada at the time of the murders.

CBC News has learned Mexican authorities questioned a relative of the family — a Mexican-Canadian who had been at the same Barcelo Maya resort six weeks before the Ianieros were killed. The relative was in the midst of  divorcing the Ianieros' niece and had filed for bankruptcy. 

Downer said the Mexican police pointed fingers at many different people, but they let the man they identified as the prime suspect slip away. 

"They have no interest in it, and it's so frustrating. I can't tell you. It's year eight and nothing has changed," he said.

Mexican officials did not reply to CBC 's requests for information about Delgado or the investigation.