A Toronto man found not criminally responsible for sexually assaulting a woman because he suffers from "sexsomnia" can now go back to living in the community without any restrictions.

The Ontario Review Board ruled that Jan Luedecke does not pose a significant threat to public safety.

The board was responsible for determining what conditions, if any, were to be placed upon the landscaper who suffers from the rare sleep disorder.

The bizarre assault took place during a house party in Toronto in 2003 where a woman was awakened by a strange man having sex with her.

He confessed to sexual assault, but his lawyers successfully argued he suffers from sexsomnia and had "sleep sex" with four former girlfriends prior to the assault.

The trial judge acquitted Luedecke on the grounds he could not have formed the intent to commit the assault.

But the Appeal Court quashed the decision saying he should have been found not criminally responsible due to a mental disorder.

His case was then sent to the review board.