At just 39 seconds after midnight — and hours of labour — baby Julian came into the world at North York General, the first wee one born in Toronto in 2016.

But, as babies go, Julian is not so little. Dr. Nicholas Pairaudeau delivered the "very big, bouncy baby boy" by Caesarian section early New Year's Day — he came out a healthy eight pounds, 11 ounces.  

"He's getting a bit of activity now, that's good anyway," Pairaudeau said looking down as Julian let out an impatient wail for reporters. "Oh, sweetheart."

'You really can't time a delivery'

Pairaudeau has delivered dozens of New Year's babies over the years, and the obstetrician and other staff mark the holiday with a little celebration in between labours.

"You really can't time a delivery, it's just not possible," the doctor said. "When the whole baby is delivered, the computer is pushed so you cannot kind of cheat. When the baby comes out that's when you push the button and that's the time."

Julian's mother, one of two "stormtroopers" that became Toronto's newest parents of 2016, was still recovering from labour and surgery, Pairaudeau said.

First Mississauga baby 2016

Theo Franz De Guzman and his mother Flor celebrate his birthday, Jan. 1, 2016. (CBC News )

Other New Year's babies took some of the spotlight on Friday, including Theo Franz De Guzman, the first baby born in Mississauga in 2016, and the second child born to parents Flor and Teddy.

Theo hadn't been expected until Jan. 6, but De Guzman said she started getting contractions around 6 a.m. on Thursday. She had been hoping she would deliver that day so that her new baby would share her mother's birthday.

But the seven-pounder didn't arrive until 12:34 a.m.

"He wanted to have his own birthday … so he's a New Year's baby," his mother said. "It's a very, very good feeling, it's a very good way to start the New Year."

The two boys were joined by Kolpona Mookerjea, the first girl born in Toronto in 2016.