Toronto Police want you to notice them in their new cruisers

The updated design is a clear hybrid of the new and the old - a sleek gunmetal grey with a splash of white in the middle.

Roll-out of the 2016 design was halted after push-back over lack of visibility

The 82-year-old TTC passenger fell after the bus driver applied the brakes to avoid a pickup truck that had switched lanes, police said. (Martin Trainor/CBC)

Toronto Police unveiled a new design for their frontline cruisers, Monday morning, which they hope will increase visibility whilst patrolling. 

The new cruisers are a sleek gunmetal grey with a splash of white in the middle.

The new design was put together by Ryerson University's RTA School of Media who took into consideration the result of a survey that asked the public, as well as members of the Toronto Police Service, what the new cars should look like. 

There were 18,000 responses to the survey.

This consultation process began after public pushback from the last re-design of the cop cars in 2016 where people didn't believe the design of the cars made them visible enough. 

Toronto police chief Mark Saunders says he hopes the new style will ease those concerns.

The old design was a dark grey design with white reflective decals. (Toronto Police Services)

"I hope it's visible enough that the public will not have any concerns identifying a marked police car if one of them is driving down the streets," said Saunders at a press conference on Monday. 

"Visibility has always been a consideration. Frontline police cars under the Police Services Act have to be clearly visible."

The Chief said the new cars will not affect the budget and that the rollout will be a "natural transition."