The Toronto Maple Leafs are ditching their losing logo in hopes that something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue will make a difference for the team.

Since the "glory days" inspired logo was revealed last night, Leaf fans have taken to Twitter to share a rainbow's range of opinions on the new symbol. 

Steve Dangle maple leafs blogger

Maple Leafs super fan and blogger Steve Dangle is happy that the new logo honours the team's history. (CBC)

Some like super fan and blogger Steve Dangle are glad that the team is honouring its history with a logo that's similar to the one that the team wore during the 1940s and 1950s. A logo they also wore when they won eight Stanley Cups.

"All the current logo reminds me of is losing," said Dangle, adding that the team hasn't won a Stanley Cup since the logo was switched in 1970.

The Leafs will start using the logo as their primary crest next season in an effort to "get back to our roots," according to team president Brendan Shanahan.

But for a lot of fans, what their team is wearing is only really important if it somehow affects how they play.

"They can wear pink if they're going to start winning," said Dillon Bouma.

Here's a selection of some of the jokes that fans have shared on Twitter.

Do you see a butt or a mustache?

There is also some debate going on about whether or not the veins at the bottom of the leaf look like a butt, or maybe even a moustache ... we're not making this up.