Not so long ago, movie productions were bringing more business to Toronto than television.

Jim Mirkopoulos, the vice-president of Cinespace Film Studios, said it used to be that 80 per cent of the business in Toronto was in feature films, with the remaining 20 per cent in television.

Jim Mirkopoulos

Jim Mirkopoulos, the vice-president of Cinespace Film Studios, says Toronto's film industry has seen a recent shift toward greater television production and less feature film production in recent years. (CBC)

That split has since flipped.

"We're adapting and television has the longevity that other film projects don't have," Mirkopoulos said.

Producers spent more than $1 billion making television programs in Ontario last year.

In Toronto, there are about 25 television shows being shot in the city this year.

Television producer John Weber said the city has many advantages, which include tax incentives, a ready supply of actors and technical staff, as well as the facilities needed to do the work.

"It kind of has everything," he said.

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