A GTA woman is pleading with fellow dog lovers to help her track down the owners of a large dog she says attacked her Yorkshire terrier.

Sarah Ellis was at an off-leash dog park in Mississauga with her Yorkshire terrier, Moe, last week when she says a couple arrived with a large dog that looked like a Husky.

“Right when she let him off the leash, he bolted and attacked [Moe]. He grabbed Moe’s whole body and then he rolled over on him and Moe started screaming,” Elllis told CBC News.

Ellis and her mother took Moe to the vet immediately following the incident, where he needed 20 staples on his stomach area and treatment for a variety of other serious injuries. In total, Moe spent four days under the care of a veterinarian.

The treatment cost Ellis nearly $5,000.

Following the attack, Ellis and the other dog’s handlers exchanged personal information, and the other owner offered to pay the veterinary bills for Moe.

Both the phone number and address, however, turned out to be false.

Since the attack, Ellis has put up posters at the park where the incident occurred and others in the area, pleading with other dog owners to get in touch with her if they might know who owns the Husky that allegedly attacked Moe.

She has also posted ads on Kijiji and Craigslist.

Ellis said she isn’t seeking financial compensation from the other owner, but rather that the Husky be muzzled to prevent any further attacks on other dogs.

“It’s just ridiculous that someone who owns a dog will go to that length to cover up something, because if it happened to their dog, they’d want someone to take responsibility.”