Peel Regional Police say a rash of bizarre break-ins in Mississauga this summer may be related and they are reminding residents to keep their doors locked.

Investigators believe a single suspect is responsible for at least five break-in attempts over the past six weeks, the most recent ones occurring early on Tuesday morning.

Early on Tuesday morning, police say, a man entered a house on Forestwood Drive, near Erindale Station Road and Dundas Street West.

"He performed an indecent act within the residence," said George Tudos, a spokesman with the Peel Regional Police. "Then the victim who was home, she heard a noise and was awoken to see him perform the indecent act, and then she was sexually assaulted."

The suspect allegedly tried to break into another home on the street 45 minutes earlier, but the homeowner reportedly scared him off.

The previous three incidents, which took place in late July, also involved a man breaking into a home to perform "an indecent act."

After Tuesday’s break-ins, police gave the following description of the suspect:

  • Dark-skinned, tall and clean-shaven
  • Wearing a black hoodie and dark grey sweatpants with white stripes down both sides
  • Face partially covered with black scarf

Toronto police are looking into whether the Mississauga incidents are connected to a series of up to 22 overnight break-ins in Etobicoke over the past few years.

In many of those instances, a male suspect allegedly entered the house and approached a female resident. Some of the break-ins involved sexual assault.

"There's nothing to say it's not the same suspect...but there's nothing to link them," said Tudos.