Nine year old Oscar Wood, aka "Mini Bautista," lent his luck to his favourite Blue Jay ahead of Tuesday's playoff game.

Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautista posted a photo of them together in the Jays' locker room at the Rogers Centre on his instagram account Tuesday afternoon. 

The caption read: "Getting some #Magic from #MiniBautista before the game!"

Oscar has become an Internet sensation since a video of him went viral, showing him swinging at the exact time as Bautista hit his 3-run home run during game five of the American League Division series. 

'It's funny. When I go to school people don't call me by my name, they just call me mini Jose or something like that, and yeah it's really cool.' Oscar Wood

That huge home run was the most important of Bautista's career, playing a crucial role in the Jays' series victory over the Texas Rangers. 

The young fan received a trophy of his famous swing and four tickets to game four of the American League Championship Series from Boston Pizza.

He spoke to reporters about his newfound fame at the restaurant's John St. and Front St. W. location, which is right across from the Rogers Centre..

"It's funny. When I go to school people don't call me by my name, they just call me mini Jose or something like that, and yeah it's really cool." said Wood.

Once again he was sporting a drawn-in Bautista-like beard. 

When asked by reporters how long it takes him to grow it, Wood responded by saying five or ten minutes.