A Canadian-authored paper in the online medical journal Neurosurgeon is raising the alarm on sports-related concussions among youth, and they're calling on decision-makers to treat children’s head injuries as a significant public health concern.

Dr. Paul Echlin, who runs a sports medicine clinic in Burlington, Ont., and who is the director of clinical research at Toronto's Bridgepoint Health, co-authored the paper.

The authors say protective gear is not enough to spare children from potentially life-altering injuries and suggest rule changes in sports leagues, as well as concussion education in schools, are needed. 

By the end of January, all school boards across Ontario will have to teach students about concussions.

But a high school in Milton, Ont., already has a head start. Students entering Grade 9 Milton District High School can already expect to learn about how to prevent, and also recover from, concussions.

The curriculum is based in part upon Echlin's research.

The CBC's Stephanie Matteis visited the school this week to see how the warnings are sinking in, and spoke with Echlin to ask why concussion education is so important.

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