A memorial service for former Ontario cabinet minister George Smitherman's husband was held this morning in Toronto.

Christopher Peloso, 40, was found dead by police earlier this week after he went missing. He also disappeared in September and was found by police two days later in a wooded area in the city.

His obituary says Peloso battled "increasingly acute symptoms of depression" in his final years.

Smitherman and Peloso were married in August 2007 and later adopted two children, Michael and Kayla. Peloso also has an adult biological daughter, Morgan, from a previous relationship.

Premier Kathleen Wynne and former premier Dalton McGuinty are among those attending a memorial service today for Smitherman's husband.

Smitherman served as Ontario's deputy premier, health minister and energy minister before stepping down to run for Toronto mayor in 2010.

Read Christopher Peloso's obituary here.