Mayor Rob Ford's most recent calendar shows few daily appointments. ((CBC) )

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is facing questions about why his office is releasing so little information about his work schedule.  

The mayor's most recent calendar — obtained by CBC News through a freedom of information request — shows limited activity and even some days which are entirely blank. 

On Thursday, Ford took part in an event at Variety Village in Toronto's east end.  According to the schedule his office releases, it was the mayor's one and only public event of the week.

Although he may be busy, it's hard to tell by looking at his diary. 

During much of February and March some days are blank, while other days list only a phone call or a meeting with no further details provided.

It's a contrast to his previous schedule from November 2010 to January 2011, which was also obtained by news organizations through freedom of information request. 

That calendar showed a punishing itinerary with as many as a dozen appointments some days.

It included not just public, but private events the mayor attended and names of people the mayor met.

The release of that diary also led to questions after it was revealed the mayor had had dinner with an entertainment promoter who has been involved in some high profile police investigations.

In the latest calendar there are no names and few details.

"Previously information had been given out," said the mayor's press secretary, "perhaps too much.

"We had complaints in our office too, from citizens who met with mayor wondering 'Why is my name on a very public calendar?'  So we have to take steps to ensure we protect people's privacy."

Ford says his days are full despite what his schedule says.

"They will get a return phone call and if they want to see me I will go to people's houses," he said.

Ford say he spends hours returning phone calls everyday which are not documented on his schedule.