Mayor Rob Ford denied Monday that he was drinking at a pair of weekend sports games he attended, also telling reporters that he "wasn’t drunk" at those games.

Outside his office at Toronto City Hall, Ford spoke with reporters about stories that emerged about him on the weekend.

"I’ve got to clarify a few rumours that are going around," Ford said Monday.

Ford said people had alleged that he was drunk, or drinking, while at Leafs and Jays games over the weekend.

"All these innuendos that people are making that I was drunk — I wasn’t drunk at either game, I wasn't drinking at either game," he said.

Ford said he "went with friends" to the Jays home opener on Friday night and then went to the Leafs game with Coun. Frank Di Giorgio on Saturday.

Ford also said he "never got kicked out of the game" at the Air Canada Centre.

"Again these are rumours, I don’t know where you’re getting them from," Ford said.

Click on the video above to see a full report from the CBC’s Jamie Strashin.