It's been sprayed on many walls in the GTA, and Mayor Rob Ford said he wants it gone as he launched a campaign Thursday to clean graffiti off the city's walls.

He asked private business owners and city-run agencies to join his Clean Toronto Together campaign.

Zion, who goes by one name, owns the Bombshelter, an art-supply store that is a hub for graffiti artists. He said Thursday the mayor needs to understand the difference between art and vandalism.

"Every time you have someone buffing their wall like this, that's just going to attract the throw-up artists and vandals, and it becomes a cat-and-mouse game," he said.

He was referring to the mayor's efforts Thursday to clean a wall on an alley near St. Clair Avenue West and Earlscourt Ave., with some help from Coun. Cesar Palacio.

"We can either give up on our laneways, or simply we can start cleaning it up and take action," Palacio said.

"[They should] allow us to do murals," Zion said.

He said he has met with the mayor and shared his idea with him.

"Allow the artist to express themselves, because we still feel Toronto could be the number one street-art destination for tourism," he said.

For now, Zion is waiting to meet the mayor again to help clarify the difference between vandals and artists.