It looks like Torontonians can leave their heavy winter coats at home during March Break. 

Temperatures are expected to be well above seasonal for much of the week, so the young ones should be able to get outside and enjoy their days away from their classrooms. 

Saturday is slated to be a gorgeous winter day in the city with mainly sunny skies in the forecast. Expect a high of 15 C with a low of 3 C and a whopping 10 hours of sunshine. 

Sunday should see cooler temperatures with a mix of sun and clouds. Forecasters are calling for a high of 6 C with a low of 4 C. 

Monday is slated to be a wet one with an 80 per cent chance of rain. As much as 10 millimetres could fall. Forecasters don't predict much sunshine but are calling for a high of 12 C with a low of 5 C.

Tuesday should provide a brief reprieve from the rain, with cloudy skies and sunny breaks in the forecast. It's expected to be the least windy day of March Break with 15 km/h winds predicted. The expected high is 12 C with a low of 4 C.

Wednesday could bring a few showers with a high of 11 C and a low of 5 C, according to forecasters. There's a 70 per cent chance of rain, but less than five millimetres are expected. 

Thursday could bring cloudy conditions with some showers to the region. Temperatures are expected to reach a high of 9 C and a low of 4 C. 

Friday should see temperatures drop a bit with a high of 8 C and a low of 0 C. No precipitation is expected but it should be the windiest day of the week with winds expected to reach 35 km/h.

And don't forget to spring your clocks forward this Sunday at 2 a.m. thanks to daylight savings

With files from Jay Scotland