Man who filmed TTC bus going through red light 'remorseful' after driver lost job

Nicholas Roy is "remorseful" that his video caused a TTC driver, a single mother of two, to lose her job. He says he would take it back if he could.

'I feel terrible about this,' says man who uploaded video to YouTube

This video was posted online and appears to show a TTC bus running a red light and then nearly striking a pedestrian. 0:39

Nicholas Roy was driving on Eglinton Avenue East when he witnessed a TTC bus accelerate through a red light, almost striking down a pedestrian crossing the street.

He rewatched the incident on the video captured on his dash camera and sent it to the TTC. He didn't hear back, so he decided to upload it to YouTube.

The media, including the CBC, aired the video and the bus driver is now no longer with the TTC.

Now Roy is "remorseful" that he caused the driver — a single mother of two — to lose her job. He says he would take it back if he could.

"If I had thought that this would have resulted in the driver losing her job, I would have buried that video so deep that the devil wouldn’t have seen it," he said.

"I feel terrible about this. It was not in my mind at the time that this bus driver should be fired. That was not my intention."

The TTC did not use the word "fired" but only said the bus driver was "no longer with the TTC" and would not comment further.

The TTC union is fighting for the bus driver to be reinstated in some other role at the commission. Roy sides with the union.

"I totally disagree with the TTC on this. Sure, she should be counselled and maybe suffer some penalty but taking away her job is far too harsh," says Roy. "There are other jobs in the TTC she could do."