Man shot dead in confrontation with Toronto police

A man wearing a hospital gown is shot and killed after a confrontation with Toronto police near East General Hospital.
An area of Milverton Boulevard is cordoned off after a man was shot Friday morning by police. (Trevor Dunn/CBC)

A man has been shot and killed after a confrontation with Toronto police in the city's east end.

The incident happened on Milverton Boulevard near Coxwell Avenue.

Police received a call at 10:04 a.m. after a man was seen in the neighbourhood who appeared to be disoriented and confused, waving two sets of scissors.

The 29-year-old man was wearing a hospital gown.

CBC's John Lancaster reported from the scene that the man had walked out of the East General Hospital, at Coxwell and Sammon avenues, attacked an employee at a nearby convenience store, then unsuccessfully tried to carjack someone else.

The man fled down a street and Erica Gaffney saw what happened next.

"When they [police] ran towards him, I guess, that's when the cops — all of a sudden I see them backing up — so I figured then that he was armed with something. Exactly like I said, they were backing up and then next thing you know I heard the gunshots," she said.

There was no word on any injuries to police, and the staff at the convenience store refused medical attention.

The man was rushed to St. Michael's Hospital, which is equipped to handle trauma cases. Lancaster said he may have been shot as many as three times in the chest.  The man was pronounced dead a short time later.

Lancaster said hospital officials would not say why the man was at the hospital or how he was able to walk away.

The province's Special Investigations Unit is investigating. 

The SIU is called in any time a member of the public is injured during a police investigation.