A man showed up at a Toronto hospital claiming he was wounded in a drive-by shooting, but police soon concluded that he was suffering from a self-inflicted wound.

The man entered a hospital on Sunday with a gunshot wound.


Toronto police say they seized a rifle, a shotgun, two handguns and a pellet gun from a residence on Iangrove Terrace on the weekend, along with ammunition and marijuana. (Toronto Police Service)

Police were called. When they interviewed the wounded man, he told them he had been shot by someone else.

Det.-Sgt. Mike Stones told CBC Toronto that when the man made this claim, police had received no calls for service about the purported incident.

Officers soon determined the man’s wound had been self-inflicted, which Stones said was based both on the nature of the gunshot injury and the lack of a crime scene.

That same day, police searched a residence on Iangrove Terrace, near Victoria Park Avenue and McNicoll Avenue, where the man lived on the main floor of a home. Inside, officers found five guns, ammunition and drugs.

A 43-year-old Toronto man now faces 21 drug- and firearm-related charges.