Toronto archeologists hope to reunite gold band with hobbit or searching husband

Lost your wedding ring? Taking part in a mythical quest? A Toronto couple hopes to reunite this exceptionally large gold band they found with its owner.

A gold wedding ban was found on Friday at a Davisville area park by the swings

Alexis and John Dunlop are hoping to reunite what looks like a lost wedding band with its owner. (Holly Nightingale)

John Dunlop always sweeps the ground with his eyes.  

"He's an archeologist as am I," his wife, Alexis said. "So he's used to finding things on the ground that others usually don't see."

And on Friday, those attentive eyes spotted a large, gold ring glinting up from the playground at June Rowlands Park in Davisville. He had been there with his daughter. 

The Dunlops have turned to social media in the hope of reconnecting the lost treasure with its owner.

This ring was found by the swings at June Rowlands Park on Friday around 3:45 p.m. (Alexis Dunlop)

"Someone is probably missing it," Alexis Dunlop said. "It does look like a man's wedding ring and because it was under the swings, someone had probably pushed their child rather enthusiastically, and it fell off."

She took a picture of the band and has posted it to local parents' groups on Facebook and on Twitter.  

So far no owner found

While she has received plenty of comments, the owner remains a mystery to the couple.

A few cynical tweeters suggested the ring may have left it there on purpose, but the Toronto mother said it seems most likely the band slid off when a father was playing with his kids. 

Others, however, had a little fun with the post.

If social media fails, Alexis Dunlop said she's considering going old school and putting up flyers in the park.

"The owner at some point probably figured out the ring is missing and might go back to there," she said.

She understand how easily a wedding ring can go missing.

"When we had our wedding rings sized, the jeweller said men tend to like having their rings larger and that's why they tend to get lost more often than women's," she said. "Men don't like the feeling of snug rings on their fingers [but] this looks like a very well-worn wedding ring."