Ontario's Liberal government says it will release all documents on two cancelled power plants after the opposition rejected a proposal for a six-week delay.

Government house leader John Milloy says they have "no choice" but to follow an order to open up the documents on the cancelled gas plants in Oakville and Mississauga.

Speaker Dave Levac ruled last week that Energy Minister Chris Bentley violated a member's privilege by refusing to release all of the documents, giving the three parties until Monday to end the dispute.

The Liberals proposed a six-week extension so the government could finish negotiations with TransCanada Pipeline — developer of the cancelled Oakville power plant.

Milloy says the Tories and NDP rejected the idea. They argued the government can't be trusted not to seek a further extension after the six weeks are up.

They also cast doubt on Liberal claims that releasing the documents — up to 100-thousand pages' worth — will come with a financial penalty.

The Liberals admit taxpayers will be hit with a $190-million bill for the Mississauga power station.

But they say releasing documents on the cancelled Oakville plant prematurely could compromise the negotiations — and cost taxpayers even more money.