The owners of a Leslieville craft brewery insist they're not noisy neighbours and say "the situation has rather unfortunately escalated to become an emotional dispute rather than fact-based."

Since setting up shop on Wagstaff Drive in May, the owners of Left Field Brewery have been charged with running an illegal operation and making too much noise by some neighbours whose backyards face the brewery.

The issue found its way to City Hall, and on Tuesday, Ward 30 Councillor Paula Fletcher introduced a motion to have the city work with Left Field Brewery and its neighbours "to come to a solution to reduce the noise impact" before its licence is due for renewal in February 2016.

Mark and Mandie Murphy, the husband and wife who run Left Field Brewery, say they reached out to neighbours even before moving into the area.

"Before we opened, we designed, printed, laminated and hand delivered No Parking signs to every home that backs onto Wagstaff, anticipating that customers might accidentally park in one of our neighbours' driveways," the couple said on Left Field's site. "We aren't perfect, but the point here is that we are constantly anticipating potential issues and trying to address them before they occur."

Left Field Brewery

Some neighbours who live near Left Field Brewery in Leslieville are upset about the noise coming from the popular watering hole. The owners say they have done everything possible to appease their neighbours.

Left Field also says it invested in a decibel meter after some neighbours lodged noise complaints against them. 

"We diligently tracked sound levels inside and out, number of patrons, complaints and anything else that we could possibly think of recording on the hour, every hour for weeks," the Murphys said.

"With the help of the noise meter, we learned that the sound levels in the laneway were actually quite reasonable. At our busiest peaks the decibels registered lower than light mid-day traffic on Greenwood Ave."

Left Field says it closes the garage door and other doors and windows promptly at 9 p.m., "re-located much of our guest seating further away from the garage door in order to help mitigate the amount of noise that travels outside, and posted signs both indoors and outdoors asking guests to respect our neighbours and to keep noise to a minimum."

The Murphy's added that "if you'd like to see/hear what all the fuss is about, we invite you come in and check it out for yourself (just not all at once)."