The Toronto Maple Leafs have handed a pair of playoff tickets to a loyal fan who was the victim of an unfortunate assault in Boston on the weekend.

Kyle Hay attended Saturday’s away game in Boston, in which the Leafs beat the Bruins.

Despite the Leaf victory, Hay’s night ended when he was allegedly slugged by a Boston fan and knocked out cold.

The 23-year-old suffered a concussion, had to go to the hospital and still has three staples in his head.

In a telephone interview on Tuesday, Hay told CBC News that he's dealing with some headaches, but said he’s feeling "as good as it gets for somebody who’s got a concussion I guess."

The team reached out to Hay on Tuesday over Twitter and followed up with a phone call. They offered him two tickets to Game 4, which takes place Wednesday night at the Air Canada Centre.

"Words can’t describe how pumped I am. There's the two tickets and I'll be taking my younger brother, who's on Cloud Nine as well," Hay said.

When Hay was in Boston, he was dressed in a Leafs jersey, as well as a blue mask and mohawk.

For the Toronto game, Hay said he has a specific outfit in mind as well.

"I'll be wearing my traditional Wendel Clark jersey and my Leafs hat — very superstitious, I’ve worn it to five games this season so far and we've won three out of the five and one of them was in Boston," he said.

"So, either wear that or wear a Leafs jersey and make my own name bar and put 'knocked out in Boston' [on it]."

Boston takes a 2-1 series lead into Game 4. Hay wasn't sure what advice he would give to his team.

"That's a tough one. I mean, it's playoff hockey, I'm sure the boys know what they gotta do," Hay said.

"They've got the crowd supporting them no matter what and I'm sure it will be a big turnout again and hopefully they just feed off the crowd. That's about it."