Torontonian splashes $10K at LCBO store for NYE celebration

The LCBO may rack up 30 per cent of its annual sales in November and December, but one customer likely blew his entire booze budget today when he dropped $10,000 for his New Year's Eve party.

LCBO says it racks up 30 per cent of its annual wine and champagne sales in November and December

Alexander Mihaila spent nearly $11,000 for a New Year's Eve party he's hosting tonight. Mihaila said he is expecting about 200 people.

The LCBO may rack up 30 per cent of its annual sales for wine and champange in November and December, but one customer likely blew his entire booze budget today when he dropped $10,000 for his New Year's Eve party.

On this, one of the busiest days of the year at the LCBO, Torontonians were lining up outside packed stores and splashing the cash before uncorking the bubbly. 

Last year, the average transaction was $48.60, a $9 increase over the previous year, according to LCBO spokeswoman KeeleyRogers. This year, she expects the average bill to be about $60.

But Alexander Mihaila's bill was about 160 times that amount.  

When CBC News caught up with Mihaila, he had spent $10,334 and said he was expecting to spend about $1,000 more.

Mihaila said he was hosting a fundraising party for a local charity and was expecting about 200 people.

His cart was filled with several bottles of sparkling wine, six bottles of Cristal —, which cost about $300 each — 12 small bottles of gin and bottles of Jack Daniel's.

"(I put it) all on my credit card. I was surprised it took it in," Mihaila said, incredulously.

'They're buying up'

The LCBO estimates that Ontarians will spend $35 million at its stores today.

And if you guessed that champagne is the number one purchase, guess again.

"Our number one top selling product for New Year's Eve is premium vodka, and that's followed by Canadian whisky, liqueurs, spiced rum and sparkling wine and champagne," LCBO spokeswoman Keeley Rogers told CBC News. "People aren't buying more, they're buying up, so think premium and more deluxe products."

Andrea Mauti said she and her friends were keeping things simple tonight.

"Just a few bottles of champagne for a ladies night," she said. "Normally, we go for a moderately priced bottle. And we'll have some vodka martinis, maybe we'll do some fancy ones like candy cane ones this year."

Fancy going all out to herald 2016?

If you have $6,000 lying around, you can buy a six-litre bottle of Ace of Spades Champagne at your local LCBO. But, hurry, LCBO stores close at 6 p.m. tonight.


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