Key witness in Anthony Spencer killing turns herself in

Toronto police have charged a young woman they consider to be a key witness in the murder of Anthony Spencer, an aspiring rapper shot in a Scarborough recording studio earlier this year.

LaPrincia Palmer ordered cab moments after aspiring rapper was shot

TIMELINE: Anthony Spencer shooting

Saturday, Jan. 21, 2012

12:42 a.m. Two males and one female arrive in a cab at 799 Brimley Rd. They get out of the cab and enter the underground recording studio located at the same address.

1:44 a.m. The same female who arrived in the cab is seen walking up stairs to use a cellphone outside of the studio. After doing so, she returns to the studio.

2:27 a.m. The female comes back out of the studio, stands at the top of the stairs and looks around.

4:32 a.m. The female makes a call to a cab company, requesting its presence at the Omni convenience store, which is in the same plaza as the recording studio. Before the cab dispatcher starts speaking to the female, a shot can be heard in the background. Soon after, the female and the same two males are seen leaving the studio and getting into a cab that is parked outside the studio.

5 a.m. Police are called to Scarborough General Hospital, where Anthony Spencer, 23, was dropped off by a group of people. He dies shortly thereafter.

Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2012

Police announce charges against two men in connection with Spencer’s death. A third female suspect is sought.

Thursday, Oct. 11, 2012

Police announce that the remaining suspect turned herself in.

Toronto police have charged a young woman they say is a key witness in the killing of Anthony Spencer, an aspiring rapper shot in a Scarborough recording studio earlier this year.

Police say LaPrincia Palmer, 19, turned herself in to police early Thursday morning. She faces charges of armed robbery and attempting to obstruct justice.

Spencer, 23, was shot on the night of Jan. 21 inside a recording studio at 799 Brimley Rd., in Scarborough.

Police arrested two men shortly after the murder and earlier this month laid the following charges against them:

  • Samuel Paul, 23, faces 12 criminal counts, including first-degree murder, as well as robbery while armed with a firearm.
  • Chever Ashley, 22, faces 11 criminal counts, including a single count of robbery while armed with a firearm and also with being an accessory after the fact to a murder.

Police say Spencer went to a Brimley Road recording studio the night he died, along with other people involved in the local rap scene.

A robbery took place at the studio, according to police, during which Spencer was shot.

A group of his friends took Spencer to hospital after the shooting, but he died en route.

Police have been asking Palmer to turn herself in since the shooting and had issued a Canada-wide warrant for her arrest.

Police say she is the woman captured in an audio recording ordering a cab to the studio on the night Spencer was shot.

On an audio recording of that call, a gunshot is heard in the background. Police say this is the shot that killed Anthony Spencer.