A disturbing video showing the bloody aftermath of a confrontation between a vandal and a Toronto restaurant owner has gone viral, while raising questions about appropriate levels of force when making a citizen's arrest. 

Restaurateur Luis Vega says he spotted a vandal spray-painting the door of his Kensington Market eatery around 5 p.m. on Thursday. 

Vega says he chased and tackled the culprit, intending to make a citizen's arrest. 

luis vega

Toronto restaurateur Luis Vega poses next to the graffiti tag that led to a bloody confrontation with a vandal. (Neil Herland/CBC)

The incident was partly caught on video recorded by Vega. It shows the unidentified man on the ground, clutching his bloodied face and crying. The snow around him is spattered with blood. 

"I'll never do it again," he says while Vega, off camera, berates him. 

"You cannot do that to people's places," he shouts. 

Vega says he didn't mean to injure the man, who later escaped. 

"I see him like reach in the pockets. I reflect quickly. He has some shades. Shades get broken. Hit the nose, starts bleeding," he told CBC News. 

Toronto police are investigating, but are reminding the public to use caution when attempting a citizen's arrest. 

"When a citizen gets involved sometimes, things can escalate and things can get a lot worse," said Const. Jeniffer Sidhu. 

"Individuals do have the right to make an arrest, but when it comes to basically anyone involved in criminal activity of any sort it's always best to keep a safe distance away and immediately call police. Call 911 and we will get there as soon as possible."

With files from Neil Herland