Kathleen Wynne meets with Coun. Norm Kelly

Toronto Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly will meet with Premier Kathleen Wynne this morning to "discuss a number of important issues regarding the City of Toronto."

Premier, deputy mayor discuss Ontario Place, ice storm compensation

Toronto Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly and Premier Kathleen Wynne met for about 45 minutes Monday morning to discuss a range of issues including paying for the cleanup of the December ice storm.

Wynne spoke to reporters after the meeting wrapped up, and said the pair discussed the following issues:

  • Ontario Place Wynne didn't offer details, but said she is eager to see a future vision of the now shuttered, provincially owned amusement park.
  • Ice storm compensation Wynne said she and Kelly talked about the province's response to the city's request for provincial funds to help pay for the damage to December's ice storm, which left the city facing more than $100 million in damage. She said the province will respond to the city's request before March 1.
  • Build Toronto Wynne said she and Kelly have discussed changes to make it easier for the city to sell land for redevelopment under the plan.

Wynne was asked her opinion about John Tory's entry into the Toronto mayoral race, which happened about 90 minutes before Wynne's news conference. Wynne said she was happy to see so many people putting their names forward as candidates in municipal races, but said she would not state an opinion about individual candidates.

"I'm not going to weigh in on a mayoralty race that's weeks old," said Wynne.

Kelly has assumed many of the powers stripped from Mayor Rob Ford by a council vote in November. Since then, Wynne has chosen to meet with Kelly instead of Ford to discuss issues affecting the city, saying the deputy mayor is now the de facto head of council.


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