Premier Kathleen Wynne encouraged Reddit users — otherwise known as Redditors — to ask her anything. But after an abbreviated question-and-answer session on the social news site, many are complaining that she didn't really answer anything.

The site's "Ask Me Anything" segment, or AMA for short, is simply a timed session in which a subject can be asked any question and will answer. Since Reddit is a primarily anonymous service, not even requiring a valid email to sign up, questions can get salacious. The questions and answers most liked by the Redditors can be up- or down-voted, with the best content rising to the top of the page.

Within five minutes of Wynne's appearance on the social news site, the premier faced a barrage of questions. Some of the questions were voluminous, containing multiple parts and links, and appeared within a minute of the premier's arrival. Others were one-sentence questions that made no sense.

"This was the worst AMA I've ever seen," wrote Redditor Hazarr. "She responded to the easiest questions possible and ignored almost everything of substance — even her answers to any sort of controversial questions were non-statements."

A number of the Redditors' questions to the premier related to the Beer Store. Wynne's answer to one of those questions received more down-votes than up-votes.

"Last night I was at the Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery in Barrie. It's a great business and I want these companies to thrive," began Wynne, in an answer to a question about the Beer Store. "At the same time, we need to make sure we make socially responsible decisions about the distribution of alcohol. We have a controlled distribution system in place in Ontario and it's worked well."

She continued that she understood people want beer purchases to be more convenient, and she would like to "modernize beer distribution."

By the end of the AMA, which was supposed to last an hour, but clocked in well under that, Wynne only managed to answer 10 questions. She promised to continue answering one question per day for the next week.

"Seriously poor engagement. This does more damage than good, Premier," wrote Redditor maybeyesmabyeno.

Wynne did reveal some personal details about her running and her favourite books.

Her next run will be the Hamilton Around the Bay Road Race in March, but she will not be doing any marathons in the near future (she's completed two in her running career).

Her favourite book is Margaret Laurence's The Stone Angel and she "really enjoyed" Steve Paikin's biography of John Robarts. She also liked Linwood Barclay's Never Look Away and is reading Louise Penny's A Trick of the Light at the moment. One of her all time favourites is A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce.