The Bringer of Rain is now also a bringer of braid. 

Josh Donaldson debuted his striking new hairstyle on Twitter Tuesday night.

Ragnar Lothbrok from Vikings tv show

Donaldson says Viking warrior Ragnar Lothbrok on the TV show Vikings was the inspiration for his new hairstyle. (Vikings/Twitter)

The Blue Jays third-baseman was a trendsetter this year, with many fans trying to emulate his hybrid mohawk cut and samurai tail hairstyle — but now the American League MVP is switching things up ahead of next season.

Donaldson told Sports Illustrated that the new look was inspired by the hair of the Viking warrior character Ragnar Lothbrok on the Canadian-Irish drama Vikings

The tweet that the third baseman put out unveiling the braided look has inspired a lot of reaction online, here are a couple of replies to Donaldson's tweet — including ones from his teammates LaTroy Hawkins and Steven Tolleson.

Donaldson was named the American League's most valuable player earlier this month. 

He led the AL with 123 RBIs and topped the majors by scoring 122 runs. The slugger hit 41 home runs with a .297 batting average.