John Tory discussed some of the city's most pressing issues with Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne at Queen's Park in Toronto this morning — the day he took over the mayoral reins of Canada's most populous city. 

The pair told reporters they discussed a wide range of challenges, particularly transit and housing, which Tory said last week were in a state of "crisis."

"It was no accident that on the first morning of my being mayor of Toronto, I came here to Queen's Park to meet with the premier," Tory said. 

"I want to use every opportunity I have to work in partnership with the other governments in this country."

Wynne said officials from her own as well as Tory's administrations have already started working together on critical files and that it's "very important that we have that working relationship."

"We didn't come to any final conclusions or decisions today, but we are very clear we're going to have regular meetings. We're not going to necessarily agree on every policy or every file over the next four years — that's not the point — but as elected leaders, our responsibility is to work together," she said. 

Tory officially took the reins from Rob Ford Monday, and will be formally sworn in and preside over his first council meeting Tuesday.

Ford's time in office was marred by a rocky relationship with the provincial government. 

Tory's early meeting with Wynne is largely viewed as another attempt by Tory to signal a shift in City Hall's day-to-day operations. 

Wynne herself has extensive experience with less-than-ideal intergovernmental relationships. She has penned two official letters to Prime Stephen Harper requesting a meeting, and Harper has twice declined to answer her directly. 

With files from The Canadian Press