The father of Jennifer Pan, who was shot in the head during a home invasion allegedly staged by his daughter,  testified at her trial today in Newmarket, Ont.

Jennifer Pan, 27, and four men are charged in the death of her 53-year-old mother, and attempted murder of her 60-year-old father.

Huei Hann Pan surviving being shot in the face in November 2010 during an apparent home invasion. His wife Bieh was killed by shots to the head.

Pan told the court he woke up during that night in 2010 to a gun to his forehead and was ordered to get out of bed. He testified seeing his daughter speaking quietly to one of the intruders in the hallway.

"He talked to my daughter. I could not hear what was being said but they were speaking softly," the father told the court.

Jennifer Pan called 911 from her Markham home, telling the dispatcher she had managed to free herself after three gunmen tied her hands.

Her father told the court today that he never saw his daughter tied up as she claimed.

He painted a picture of a daughter who constantly lied to her family. Hann said he and his wife believed for four years that their daughter was studying pharmacology at the University of Toronto - living with a friend downtown.

Jennifer also lied about volunteering at SickKids, Hann said, and eventually she admitted to living with her boyfriend Danny Wong.

"I was very upset because all our effort was to help her attend school and she was not," he said. "I told her to cease the relationship with Danny Wong or wait until I'm dead."

'You have two options'

Months before his wife was killed Hann told the court he gave his daughter an ultimatum when he found out Jennifer and her boyfriend were still in touch.

"You have two options: first, stay at home and go to school. Second choice, you go with Danny Wong and never come back," he testified.

Wong is one of those charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder in the case.

The father described in detail how he was  ordered into the basement and someone threw a blanket over his head and shot him near the right eye.  When he regained consciousness, he saw his wife dead on the floor.

The prosecution alleges that what happened was in fact a deliberate hit orchestrated by Jennifer Pan because her parents had thwarted a relationship she had. The Crown maintains her home-invasion story fell apart when it became clear her father had survived.

Hann will be back on the stand tomorrow when he faces cross-examination from his daughter's lawyer and the lawyers of the four other accused in this case.

With files from CBC's Jasmine Seputis, The Canadian Press