Jeffrey Boucher search continues in Whitby

Police from Durham Region continue to search the Whitby, Ont. area for any signs of Jeffrey Boucher.

Police comb 'very complex' area near missing teacher's home

The search continues for Jeffrey Boucher in Whitby, Ont., six days after the teacher, husband and father of two went missing. 2:45

Police from Durham Region continue to search the Whitby, Ont. area Saturday afternoon for any signs of Jeffrey Boucher.

The 52-year-old high school teacher has been missing since Monday, after he is thought to have gone for a jog.

Insp. Nick Lisi says despite the lack of new evidence, the search continues on this sixth day in and around Boucher's neighbourhood.

Police say Jeffrey Boucher, 52, went jogging on Monday, Jan. 13, and never returned home. (Durham Regional Police)

Police, their sniffer dogs and volunteers are today focusing on a wooded area marked by gullies and ravines near Boucher's home. An aircraft is standing by if needed. 

"I think we still have to focus on ground zero here, in that respect. We would be remiss as a police service if we weren't sure we've gone through this whole area," Lisi told CBC News. "This a very complex geographical area."

The ground search was recently scaled back, but is expected to continue into next week. 

It's thought Boucher, an avid runner known for going on long runs almost daily, went for a jog early Monday, though according to police no one saw him leave.

Extensive ground and air searches have covered most of the areas where Boucher was known to go running.

Experts say it's unlikely he would be able to survive outside in the cold for more than 24 hours if dressed only in running gear.

Police have not ruled out the possibility that the husband and father of two may have simply walked away from his life, but have also found no evidence such as banking activity or border crossings. 

"In my opinion he's gone, he booked it, left with somebody else probably," said Keith D'andrade who also runs through the area frequently.

He doesn't believe Boucher would have tried to run on the icy, snow-covered trails police continue to search. 

"There's a lot of runners here. If he had been on a trail he would've been found by now," he said. 

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