Jeffrey Boucher case: Police are 'truly stumped'

Police in Whitby, Ont., say they are ending back their ground search for Jeffrey Boucher, adding that the missing teacher "appears to have vanished."

Boucher, 52, disappeared Jan. 13 after apparently going on one of his daily jogs

The disappearance of teacher Jeffrey Boucher still remains a mystery. 2:58

Police in Whitby, Ont., say they are ending their ground search for Jeffrey Boucher, adding that the missing teacher "appears to have vanished."

Boucher, a married father of two who teaches at Bowmanville High School, hasn't been seen since Jan. 13. The 52-year-old Boucher is an avid runner and his family believed he had gone out for a morning run, but he didn't return. 

Durham Regional Police are searching for Jeffrey Boucher. The 52-year-old Whitby high-school teacher has been missing since Jan. 13. (Durham Regional Police)

"We need leads to streamline and clarify our investigation," Durham Regional Police Det. Sgt. Mitch Martin said Monday. "Mr. Boucher quite simply appears to have vanished. We are truly stumped."

Extensive searches of wooded areas around the Boucher home have failed to turn up any sign of the married father of two. Boucher ran almost every day and was known to have varied his running route.

Martin said police have been in touch with Boucher's family every day since he was reported missing and that police will continue their investigation until they find him.

But police said after a week of searches involving ground, air, canine units, ATVs and a trained volunteer search team, they've thoroughly covered the area around Boucher's home and will be removing their "public order assets."

They add that if further evidence is found in another geographic area, they will be immediately deployed there.

Police aren't ruling out the possibility the Bowmanville High School teacher met with foul play or walked away from his life. There has been no activity on his bank account and he doesn't have his passport.

'Family are distraught'

Police also said Monday that a background check on Boucher turned up nothing suspicious.

"There is nothing at all unusual with his lifestyle prior to him going missing," said Martin.

"The family are distraught; they want Mr. Boucher home," he said.

Martin said it's unlikely Boucher fell during his run, saying police believe he would have been located by now.

Teams of police officers and volunteers have checked and rechecked several kilometres of rough terrain around his home 55 kilometres east of Toronto, with a wider radius searched by air.

These efforts, however, have produced no solid leads.

Police say although the ground search has been scaled back, the file remains open.

Boucher is described as white, six feet tall and 180 pounds with grey and white short hair.


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