Blue Jays fans have had a tumultuous off-season, from losing an award-winning general manager, to saying goodbye to all-star popcorn loving pitcher David Price and now with spring training just over a month away ... the new uniform doesn't match.

Admittedly, colour-coding shouldn't have much of an effect on how the boys of summer play, but the decision is still confounding fans online.

So let's break it down. The Blue Jays wear blue, specifically royal blue, and the spring training jersey that the team unveiled yesterday sticks with the classic colour. The problem, some fans say, is the hat.

It's navy ... and some Blue Jays boosters don't understand why.

Some Twitter speculation jokingly connected the look to that of the Cleveland Indians, where the Jays new president Mark Shapiro joins the team from, but other than that a lot of fans are just annoyed.

On the other hand, there are some that like the new hat on its own.

Either way, fans can rejoice in the knowledge that the Jays will be taking the field again on March 6 as they start spring training.