Toronto newest bike lanes opened on Monday, on Jarvis Street. ((CBC) )

Toronto's newest bicycle lanes — the controversial Jarvis Street project — officially opened on Monday.

Jarvis was famous as the only street in Toronto that had a reversible middle lane — southbound during the morning commute and northbound in the evening.

But the fifth lane is now gone.  There are now two lanes running in each direction, along with two bicycle lanes.

"It's the first time I've used it today but I'll be able to use it a lot more  ... this is a good route," said cyclist Peter Amenta. 

Also gone from Jarvis Street is on street parking. 

Many drivers voiced their displeasure with the changes, arguing it will add extra time and extra congestion to their daily commute.

The bike lane project was proposed more than a year ago as part of a $6-million revamp of the street and approved by Toronto City Council.