James Loader died at his home on Sunday at age 83. (Facebook)

Scarborough movie-goers are marking the end of an era — both online and at the Cineplex Morningside theatre — following the death of James Loader, the "master usher" who ripped their tickets for more than 50 years. 

For generations of movie fans, a trip to the movies meant popcorn, candy and a greeting from Loader, who died at age 83 on Sunday. 

"Anybody who's grown up in Scarborough, been to a movie in Scarborough, knows him, he is a legend," said his daughter Patricia Lalonde.

Friends, co-workers and customers have been sharing their memories.

"He would just tell stories, and he would make jokes with you and make you feel welcome when you come into a building, and that was his impact just making every single person feel welcome," said co-worker Melissa Chayter.

Fond memories and praise piled up quickly on a Facebook page set up in his honour. 

"He just had that presence about him that almost made you feel as excited to see him, as you were the movie," said one post. 

Loader was "a legend," added Cineplex spokeswoman Sarah Van Lange. 

"He has a lasting legacy and will be greatly missed," she said in a statement.