Stephanie Warren, mother of 'Baby Angelica,' fatally stabbed in Jamaica

A man who formerly lived in Toronto — and was at the centre of a child-abandonment case that made headlines eight years ago — has been arrested after his wife was fatally stabbed in their Kingston, Jamaica, apartment unit on New Year's Eve.

Warren's husband, Alphanso, has been arrested, Jamaican police say

A man who formerly lived in Toronto — and was at the centre of a child-abandonment case that made headlines eight years ago — has been arrested after his wife was fatally stabbed in their Kingston, Jamaica, apartment unit on New Year's Eve.

The couple has a checkered past marked by two high-profile incidents involving their children, one of which includes the abandonment of an eight-month-old baby girl, who became known as "Baby Angelica," in a freezing north Toronto parking garage in 2008.

Alphanso Warren is now in the custody of Jamaican police, who said they believe he stabbed his wife Stephanie to death during an argument at around 11:20 p.m. last Thursday night. No charges have yet been laid and the investigation is ongoing, police said in a phone interview from the Jamaican capital, Kingston. 

Four years ago, the couple was found guilty of concealing the death of their two-year-old son after neighbours discovered the toddler's partly decomposed and mummified body in a suitcase in the Warrens' Kingston apartment. Neither parent was charged in the death of the child.

The woman stabbed to death in Kingston, Jamaica, on New Years Eve was the mother of eight-month-old 'Baby Angelica', who was found abandoned in a Toronto parking garage on a freezing night in January 2008. (Toronto Police Services)
A pathology report in the case showed the toddler likely died of disease, poisoning or asphyxiation, though it was impossible to be certain of the cause of death due to the state of the remains upon examination, the report concluded. 

The couple moved to Kingston shortly after they were convicted of abandoning Baby Angelica in the stairwell of a parking garage in the area of Finch Avenue and Leslie Street on a -14 C night in January 2008. The girl was found alone, face down with minor cuts and bruises, but she later recovered. 

Children's Aid removed the couple's three other children following the incident. 

Alphanso was sentenced to 22 months in jail, but had spent 11 months in custody awaiting trial and was granted two-for-one credit and released. Stephanie was fined under the Family Services and Child Protection Act.


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