Island airport tunnel causing noise problems for some

Construction of the tunnel between the mainland and the Billy Bishop Airport is causing some homeowners to complain about the excessive noise.
Tunnel construction is currently underway connecting Billy Bishop Airport with downtown Toronto. (Gary Hershorn/Reuters)

For Max Moore living near Billy Bishop Airport has become almost unbearable. 

The airport is in the middle of building a pedestrian tunnel from the city to the island terminal and the noise level has ramped up recently.

"It's so loud in our apartments we have to stop talking," said Moore. "We can't hear conversations, we can't talk on the phone, we can't hear the radio."

Moore is a sound engineer and regularly measures the decibel levels at the airport.  He says his readings are pretty consistent.

"That would be 80 to 100 decibels, which is louder than a motorcycle, and we hear that loudness, we hear motorcycles in our homes." 

When it's complete the pedestrian tunnel to the airport will span about a quarter of a kilometre and will take about six minutes to walk across

Just  this week heavy equipment began breaking rock underground, increasing noise levels, but the Port Authority says there will be a noticeable difference in a matter of days, as the contractor moves further away from the mainland.

"[The contractor is] doing it right at the face of the tunnel as he progresses into the tunnel that noise will be greatly reduced, and we'll see a dramatic decrease in the noise from that operation," said spokesman Ken Lundy.

Moore says he's not sure how much more noise he can take.

"I love living here. I love Toronto but if the airport gets any noisier I will have to move away. It's that bad," he said.