Homicide detectives are leading the investigation into the beating that has claimed a man’s life in the Bloor Street West and Ossington Avenue area over the weekend.

Paramedics found the man at the scene without vital signs at around 2:30 a.m. Saturday. Det-Sgt. Terry Browne said the attackers, who fled the scene, had left the victim in life-threatening condition. Police reported Sunday that the victim had died in hospital.

Homicide victim Jorge Interiano

Jorge Interiano died in hospital following a beating that occurred in the Bloor Street West and Ossington Avenue area in August. (Toronto Police Service)

Browne said police are starting to piece together what happened but are asking any witnesses with information to come forward. 

"We've got a pretty good narrative now on where the victim had been prior to the incident, that is to say we know who he had been with — if not moments, at least minutes prior to this incident happening," he told CBC News in a telephone interview on Sunday.

"So, we've sort of got that nailed down. We're trying to figure out how he came to be in contact with these yet-identified suspects at that specific location."

That's why Browne and other investigators want to speak to those who were present in the Bloor Street and Concord Avenue area at the time of the attack.

"I know that since we've obtained some of the security images from surrounding areas, I can see clearly that there are individuals that certainly were alerted to something happening at that time, because I can see through these images that a number of people are looking towards that area but didn't necessarily get involved," he said.

The victim is a 40-year-old man who had been living in Toronto and was originally from South America, Browne said.

"We know through our investigation that he's been in Canada for a number of years and more specifically, he seems to be someone who frequented the immediate area where this happened," he said.

Later Sunday, police issued a news release that formally identified the victim as Jorge Interiano.