York Regional Police are searching for suspects after a daylight home invasion in Vaughan that left the home's owner angry at what she said was a slow response.

The incident happened slightly before 2 p.m. ET Friday afternoon at a home on Conley Street, near Bathurst Street and Steeles Avenue.

Five men and one woman were armed with a gun when they forced their way into Asha Bali's home. Her 61-year-old husband, 82-year-old mother-in-law and a family employee were home.

Bali said it took police close to an hour to send help.

"Right away I called 911 and they did not respond very good," she said. "After 50 minutes."

Bali said she hung up on the 911 dispatcher because, she said, the dispatcher was asking too many questions.

Bali said the dispatcher phoned her back and said she was rude.  

"I said, 'Madam, it's life and death, they're tied up [at] gunpoint. Send dispatch right away.' " 

No one was hurt, but Bali believes police could have caught the suspects if they had arrived

Sgt. Laurie Perks said the call that first came in was for a ''break and enter."

"If it's a home invasion, it's an incident that involves violence and an incident that may involve a weapon of some type, and obviously that would have been a higher priority call for us than a regular break and enter," she said.  

When police learned there was a weapon involved, they upped their response, Perks said.

Bali said she has no idea why her home was targeted. A small amount of cash was stolen from the home.