In honour of Black History month, CBC brings you stories from HERstory in Black, a Toronto-based digital photo series profiling 150 black women from the GTA and other parts of Ontario by How She Hustles, a network of 5,000 diverse women.

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HERstory in Black: Camille Mitchell

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Name: Krissy Doyle-Thomas

What she does: Krissy Doyle-Thomas is a Neuroscientist. She is the manager of research operations at Toronto's Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital. Her research is focused on children with autism and spectrum disorders.

HERstory in Black: Krissy Doyle-Thomas3:01

What inspired your career in Neuroscience?

When I was nine, my family and I migrated from Trinidad and two years prior my younger sister was born. And she was born with global developmental delay and she had some complicated situations at birth. My family was searching for answers. [As] a new immigrant family, it was hard to know where to go and how to get the help that we needed. And that really affected me. I wanted learn more about medical disorders and wanted to learn in an effort to help my family as well as help others. So, I went to school for psychology and then I took a course in the brain and that's where I fell in love. And that's when I started to specialize in neuroscience. 

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Krissy Doyle-Thomas is among 150 black women from the GTA featured in a digital photo series called HERstory in Black. (Ebti Nabag)