In honour of Black History month, CBC brings you stories from HERstory in Black, a Toronto-based digital photo series profiling 150 black women from the GTA and other parts of Ontario by How She Hustles, a network of 5,000 diverse women.

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HERstory in Black: Camille Mitchell

HERstory in Black: Jasmyn Fyffe

​HERstory in Black: d'bi young anitafrika

​HERstory in Black: Krissy Doyle-Thomas

HERstory in Black: Akua Delfish and Onika Powell


Name: Eden Hagos

What she does: Founder of Black Foodie online food blog and event company

HERstory in Black: Eden Hagos3:10

What inspired you to start Black Foodie? 

Eden Hagos: I went out to eat for my birthday with a group of friends, all black women, [and] we had a pretty negative experience. I went to a European restaurant where my group and I weren't treated that well. That really challenged me to think differently about my decisions when I eat out. Why hadn't I decided to celebrate at an African or Caribbean restaurant? What are the experiences of black people when they go out to eat? What are the gems that exist in my city? I really wanted to explore what Toronto and the world had to offer when it comes to African and Caribbean cuisine. And take a look at our chefs, restaurants, food entrepreneurs and really dig into that.


Eden Hagos is among 150 black women from the GTA featured in a digital photo series called HERstory in Black. (Ebti Nabag)