Harry Potter haunts Ontario Science Centre

Toronto's Ontario Science Centre is hosting a special exhibit featuring the props, costumes and sets from the wildly popular Harry Potter films.

A bit of movie sorcery will be working its magic at the Ontario Science Centre this spring and summer.

A special exhibit will give fans a first-hand look inside the world of the wildly popular books and movies that feature the adventures of adolescent wizard-in-training, Harry Potter.

The exhibit will display props, sets and costumes from Harry Potter films, which are based on the books by J.K. Rowling.

Visitors will be able to walk through re-creations of Harry Potter film sets including the Great Hall, Hagrid's hut and the Gryffindor common room.

The exhibit will also allow visitors to try their hand at the rough-and-tumble game of Quiddich, and take part in many of the other activities at the Hogwarts school of wizardry.

James and Oliver Phelps, the actors who play the Weasley twins in the Potter films, attended Thursday's opening of the exhibit and told CBC's Stephanie Matteis they see a connection between the movie's sorcery and real-life science.

"When you're looking at it, if you think about just how the technology has evolved in creating the props over 10 years, it's like the evolution of any scientific type of thing," said James Phelps.

"Hopefully this will get people into the exhibit and also check out the other science stuff in the museum itself," said Oliver Phelps.

The Harry Potter exhibit continues at the Ontario Science Centre to Aug. 22. Admission is $27.50 for adults; $23.50 for seniors and youth aged 13 to 17, and $20 for children four to 12.