A longtime performer on the Toronto entertainment scene, Michelle DuBarry, has been given the title of oldest performing drag queen by Guinness World Records.

Dubarry, who is the alter ego of 84-year-old Russell Alldread, spoke to CBC News Wednesday about the honour.

"I'm kind of thrilled about it. And it's something that is going to be on the record, I mean even if I pop off tomorrow," said DuBarry at Statlers where she frequently performs.  

DuBarry has been performing drag since the 1950s, originally under the name Anita Mode. Alldread's day job at that time was selling shoes. 

"Everything was really underground. The general public didn't know much about gay people, in those days it was queer," said DuBarry.

Alldread identifies as a gay man but performs as a woman.

As a young boy, he performed with his two sisters for women's groups and hospitals. 

DuBarry's three female cousins dressed him up for the first time in Port Hope, Ontario at the age of nine.

DuBarry's friend, Max MacDonald, nominated her for the Guinness World Record two months ago.

"Imagine being in heels and gowns for almost 75 years, like give a woman an award," said MacDonald.

MacDonald and DuBarry

Max MacDonald, left, nominated Michelle DuBarry, right, for the Guinness Book Rocord title of oldest performing drag queen. (CBC)